Owner Of The PkdFestival Site

Who is PkdFestival?
We are a booking agency that specializes in corporate events, exhibitions, galas, events – all kinds of special events. Starting with dance bands and tours to show children and family events, PkdFestival offers services and knowledge to meet all your needs.

What does the agency do?
PkdFestival is not much different from the main animation agency, because we really take into account the interests of the client and the artist. Most players are worried about the booking agent, but sometimes they are too short to deal with the small details that really cause or break the event.

We specialize in special market events, we know that we are not able to offer the same artist for the same clients every year. We have many exclusive talent options, but we often buy the market through agents and other managers to provide a source of ideas, with no time limits for new artists entering the industry.

Many people think that this increases the cost of entertainment, but this is not happening. If both agencies “order” the artist, the commission is divided into two agencies, so the price remains the same. The shopping process offers customers various options, and allows us to host artists who were on the road.

Time is money!
Many of our artists can offer a variety of services. For example, we booked bands that can offer a pianist, guitarist or band of their band, and we have a campaign where group members can perform an acoustic tour before dancing or at a party. Some children’s artists also offer shows for adults. Some comic actions can also manage MC activities. These are just a few ways of entertainment that can be coordinated to serve more than one purpose when they are in place, which saves time and money.

PkdFestival also helps in the development of sound and lighting techniques. If you already have a solid company, you will get all the technical information you need to ensure the smooth operation of the company. We have experienced a situation in which the team has P.A. (Sound System) at the event, only to discover that there is already a solid company that was responsible for producing other components of this event. Communication with the entertainment source eliminates these kinds of problems.

Service experts

  • Our agents can also advise the stage manager, whose task is to solve changes at the last minute, call the stadium and introduce minor technical changes and changes in the equipment phase. This is not necessary if your simple fun is simple, but if there are a lot of places and / or actions, it is good to have someone at hand.
  • Because our office can help with absolutely any entertainment, we can collect all the things and save many callbacks. It also allows you to avoid duplication of work when the cancellation is rented to different events, because everyone in the planning phase “do what they want”.
  • Follow-up and follow-up activities are everything and here it really shines. Our attention to detail has saved many potential problems. We look at them all for the last time with the client, the venue, the players and, if necessary, a healthy company to make sure everything is ok.
  • Nobody wants to think, but sometimes they appear at the last moment. In the case of illness or injury, we always have a wait service and we are very proud of the fact that we have never experienced absences (the worst nightmare of an agent!) Throughout our history.